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In this video coach Malc Kent describes 4 key running form drills he uses every week with his coached runners to help them run more effectively and efficiently and reduce the risk of common training injuries. The video includes demonstrations of each drill.

In short, drills help to improve the efficiency of movement by training the body’s neuromuscular system the muscle firing patterns required for effective running technique. They help improve the connection between the brain (principally the motor cortex and cerebellum) and the activating muscles. Which in turn trains the associated tendons to function effectively. Performing drills before a workout or race helps mitigate against a feeling of ‘wobbliness’ or ‘sloppiness’ of form and technique. Enabling the soft tissues to be primed and ready to go as soon as the main workout starts. An additional benefit of form drills is that they also provide an opportunity for sport specific active stretching of the key running muscles and tendons. This is particularly true for the B and C drills.

Improve the efficiency of movement

Performing drills every day is not necessary in my opinion as a coach. However I do advocate for them being performed before challenging workouts (sprints, intervals, tempo) and races. They can also form an independent session of their own in some cases.


M.Sc, MSci, B.Sc, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, XPS, CGS. Malc Kent is a professional coach, internationally respected applied scientist and former world class athlete that has represented Great Britain 31 times internationally. His services include personal coaching and mentoring, running gait and biomechanical analysis and running strength coaching.

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